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Romanian Voices - Sicily - Romania Round Trip

Enrico Montalbano,  Italy 2009 21'

Sound Editor: Enrico Montalbano, Ilaria Sposito, Angela Giardina
Producer:  Angela Giardina
Film Presentation:
The journey of the Romanian immigrants returning from Italy takes three days and three nights. The camera follows them from the Italian town of Gela to the North of Moldova. The road, wearisome and seemingly endless, gradually shows that it is not all that marvellous at all to work in Italy. On the contrary. Romanian workers tell of how little they got paid, much less than the Italians doing the same, while contracts are out of the question. They can hardly live on 15 or 25 Euro a day. Saving for home is highly unlikely. As the journey draws to its end, their story grows ever more dramatic. Three thousand kilometres resounding of the disillusionment and broken dreams of people who will go back to work in Italy, hoping for something that only proves to be an illusion. A journey melting hatred and humour together, just as the languages – Italian and Romanian crossbred – spoken by the characters, on a background of humiliation.
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