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Bastards of Utopia

Maple Razsa, Pacho Velez,  Croatia, USA 2010 54'

Cinematography: Maple Razsa, Pacho Velez
Editing: Maple Razsa, Pacho Velez
Producer: Maple Razsa
Film Presentation:
The documentary offers an insight into the lives of three young Croatian activists. As children, they lived through the violent collapse of Yugoslavia. But now, amid the aftershocks of socialism's failure, they fight in their own way for a new leftism. In the middle of the struggle, a skeptical American is won over by their cause and even goes to jail with them. The film, shot during years of fieldwork with a Croatian anarchist collective, applies EnMasseFilm's unique blend of observation, direct participation and critical reflection to this misunderstood political movement. Its portrayal of activism is both empathetic and unflinching, due to the involvement of the Croatian director with a left-wing organization on the one hand, and to the detachment of the US co-director on the other.
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Filmography Maple Razsa 2010 Bastards of Utopia 2004 Welcome to Gorongosa 2002 Occupation 2002 Partisan Filmography Pacho Velez 2010 Bastards of Utopia 2003 Orphans of Mathare 2002 Occupations
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