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Stelian T─ânase,  Romania 2010 88'

Cinematography: Silviu Stavila si Marian Stanciu
Editing: Alexandru Dumitrescu Florescu
Music: Cristian Lolea si Dinu Olarasu
Producer: Constantin Popescu, Lucian PINTILIE
Film Presentation:
The Socialist Republic of Romania, the '80s. Ceausescu's "heaven" was a country without hope, without food, a place where, in order to build the "new man", the future of the people was sacrificed. The almighty "Securitate", Ceausescu's secret service, was keeping an eye on everything and everybody. Romania was a closed country, a large prison from where nobody could escape... Yet... Some courageous and extraordinary brave people tried to do that! Some of them made it, some of them not, sometimes paying with their own life! By boat, swimming or running, people tried to leave behind the communist "heaven" and find their happiness in the western countries. Two stories about courage and sacrifice, about traitors and cheaters, about the absolute madness of a totalitarian regime, and most of all, about the need of freedom!
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