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  • AFF 2017 in figures

    Over 70,000 spectators embarked on the film journey offered by AFF in Sibiu, between the 16th and the 22nd of October. The 2017 Astra Film Festival brought more than 130 films on the big screen, screened in the 9 venues of the historical center of Sibiu, as well as numerous discussions, debates and many questions. Most of the screenings were followed by Q&A sessions with the directors and protagonists. The films and concerts from the 2017 AFF programme filled the halls to the brim, as most of the film and musical events were sold-out.

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  • AFF 2017 awards

    Saturday, the 21st of October, at Thalia Hall in Sibiu, was the time for the Astra Film Festival 2017 Gala Awards, when the winning films of the 24th edition were announced. 57 films were included in the five competitive sections: International, Central and Eastern Europe, Romania, Shorts and DocSchool.

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  • The world premiere of the film Phoenixxx

    AFF 2017 continues its cinematic journey with a series of top film events, meetings with great filmmakers and special programmes. On Tuesday, film buffs have had the opportunity to view a special programme of documentary film, that brought realities from all around the world to the big screen. The hunt for Transylvanian gold, directed by Andrei-Nicolae Teodorescu, a thriller that lays emphasis on investigations which developed over 10 years on two continents, Europa and North America, after the theft and trafficking of archaeological artefacts. Augustin Lazar was also present at the film, Romania’s General Prosecutor, who at that time was coordinating the investigation and traced the stolen Dacian gold.

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  • Absolute record of participation: Astra Film Junior 2017

    The 9th edition of Astra Film Junior takes place in Sibiu from the 16th to the 22nd of October, within the International non-fiction film festival, Astra Film Festival. Documentary film is an excellent instrument for education through and for cinema. For the first time in Romania, Astra Film Junior has taken on the role of promoting the cinematic education as early as 2009, offering to a record number of students the opportunity to experience viewing films in theatres and making available for educators the know-how necessary to playout activities before and after the screening. Last but not least, the workshop dedicated to the initiation of high school students into film production offers its participants the chance to find out how a film production is seen from behind the camera. 

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  • livestream OPENING GALA

    livestream OPENING GALA

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  • The film Sibiu 825 will open the 2017 AFF edition

    The film “Sibiu 825”, directed by Dumitru Budrala, will be premiered on the 16th of October, at 7 p.m., within the Opening Gala of AFF 2017. What better way to start a cinematic journey around the world through the 2017 Astra Film Festival programme, than with the story of the city where Astra Film has come into being? The documentary is a historical chronicle of Sibiu, that travels through time, delving into the times of prosperity and stalemate that the city by the Cibin River went through, from its very beginning and up to the present day, throughout its nearly 9 centuries of existence.

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  • The Golden Leopard, the inventor of the documentary theory and Grizzly Man at Astra Film Festival

    The 24th edition of Astra Film Festival brings a series of premieres, offers the opportunity for meetings that take place only once in a lifetime, and paves the way for memorable experiences offered by immersive cinema. Over 360 events will take place throughout the 7 days of the festival, from the 16th to the 22nd of October.

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  • Documentary films and news in the „POST-TRUTH” ERA

    In the “POST-TRUTH” ERA, the 2017 edition of Astra Film Festival brings forward two programmes aimed to look into the issue of truth in documentary cinema and the media landscape. Documentary film has become known as the cinema genre that faithfully renders reality. Given that the production of documentary films has become more widespread over the last two decades and directors use a series of cinematic tools, the questions and discussions in relation to truth or untruth in documentaries have multiplied.   

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  • Immersive cinema at ASTRA Film Festival: THE FUTURE IS NOW

    This year, AFF returns with the second edition of the section called THE FUTURE IS NOW, dedicated to the new documentary formats. The festival’s audience will have the opportunity to view a broad selection of documentary projects of virtual reality, as well as screenings that are specially presented in the dome theatre, within the most diverse and bountiful programme of virtual cinema, a unique experience in Romania. In the field of virtual reality and 360-degree videos, aside from developing more efficient and reachable systems, novelty also resides in the diversity and usefulness of these innovative technologies being applied to the real world. These new developments can be experienced at AFF.

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