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Astra Film Festival 2000

  • Portrait David MacDougall

    The MacDougalls experimented boldly with the new technology, but gave it their own distinctive political-humanistic interpretation. The films they made in Kenya and Uganda among the Jie and Turkana pastoral peoples were a major attempt to reduce the distance between film-makers and their subjects, to make the process of filming less distant, colonial, patronising, more open to allowing the subjects their own voices, and their reservations and reactions about the filming process to take an honest place in the films made. David wanted to call this a more "participatory" cinema, employing an "unprivileged" camera style. At the same time, the notion of an authoritative, didactic commentary telling the audience what to think was expelled.

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  • The Roma

    Special section: “The Roma” of the Astra Film Fest 2000 draws attention to the Romany experience of what it means to be an eastern European. This is a perspective which even today is rarely brought into public view. And yet in so many ways our societies have come to depend on the very Gypsy people whom we so often ignore. The Roma section of the festival tries to come to terms with this peculiar position of the Gypsies in eastern Europe: a people central to the social life of the region (not just musically but also at many times economically and socially) and yet commonly ignored. With a series of recent films about different aspects of Romany lives we hope to allow a chance to hear some of the untold stories as Gypsies would hope to tell them themselves, were they able to do so.

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  • Photography Exhibition. Three Cultures

    Observation through still photography is a basic element in collecting and organising material in an anthropological research.

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