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Astra Film Festival



  Astra Film Festival will take place between 17 and 23 October 2016.

  Established in 1993, Astra Film Festival has become one of the main platforms of documentary cinema in Romania and Eastern Europe. AFF seeks documentaries with a strong presence of the filmmaker's point of view both in form and content. Cinematographic qualities, and the honesty of the filmmaker’s approach to the subject are highly valued. Creative documentaries and auteur films are especially welcome.

  The deadline for submissions is April 20, 2016.



  Films must be narrative or documentary works only.

  Astra Film Festival is comprised of competition programmes and non-competitive sections. You may not submit your film directly to any specific Festival programme. If your film is accepted into the Festival, our Programming team will decide which of the Festival programme categories it will be slotted into.

  However, please note that for the competition eligible films must be copyrighted in 2015 or 2016. This year limit does not apply to films submitted for non-competitive sections.

  The decision of programming selected films in a specific festival section is made by the Festival Board.

  Documentaries submitted to previous AFF editions are not eligible.



  All films sent to the festival must be submitted by completing the online submission form available on the website. Your submission will be considered once the festival receives the preview of the film.
Films sent for the pre-selection process must be in original version and subtitled in English.

  Provide a password protected online preview. Make sure the film is downloadable, and the link remains valid until the end of the festival.

  If, however, your internet access is restricted, you can send the preview on DVD. Please mail 2 (two) DVD copies within the registration deadline at the following address:

    ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL / Submission

    550182, Piata Mica, Nr. 11

    Sibiu, Romania

  Warning: For DVDs coming from abroad, please mention on the package: « No commercial value. For cultural purpose only ». The costs of transport to the Festival office for the preview material are the responsibility of the submitter.

  Check your preview copy carefully and pack it as to prevent damage during transportation. The Festival will not send you any notification if your preview DVD is not running.

  Preview materials are not returned.

  The festival keeps the viewing material in the festival archive for the sole purposes of documentation, and viewing by professionals on its premises.

  If the film is selected, you are expected to provide additional information for the festival catalogue, publicity, screening of the film and participation of the director.

  A selection committee composed of film professionals selects films for the Competitive Sections.

  The submission of a film gives the organizers of the Festival the right to select and screen it in the Festival programmes (competitive, non-competitive and extended programmes).

  The authors and-or right-holders cannot withdraw the submission.



  The official selection will be published on the festival’s website by the end of August 2016. No letters or emails of refusal will be sent.

  Once a film is selected, the right-holder automatically authorises ASTRA FILM to screen it in the Festival programme.

  The right-holders of the films selected for one of the four competitive sections of the festival agree to the screening of the film free of charge, and will not request a screening fee.

  All scheduling of selected films is at the discretion of the Festival programmers.



  The international juries will be composed of respected academics and cinema specialists. The jurors will select the winning films for the Festival awards:







  The prizes in total amount of €25,000 will be awarded to the authors of the winning films.


  The Festival will cover the transport and return cost of the screening copies.



  The films presented at Astra Film Festival are the object of animated discutions with the authors in the cinema theatres after the screenings.

  The Festival invites the author(s) of the films in the program or a delegate from the part of the director/producer to be present for the official screening. Accommodation is offered by the organizers.



  Once a film is selected, the festival has the right to:

 - Use a maximum of three minutes of video from the documentary for publicity and online purposes unless an official trailer is provided;

 - Publish the film trailer on the Astra Film Festival Youtube channel;

 - Use all publicity material to promote the festival;

 - Programme the films selected in the competitive sections free of charge during the festival;

 - Programme the award-winning films free of charge in the Astra Film Festival Extended Programmes.

  Festival registration is free of charge.

  This registration implies full acceptance of the terms and provisions of the present Rules and Regulations.