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We are now accepting submissions for the competitions of the 24th Astra Film Festival and are looking forward to seeing your films.

Astra Film Festival seeks documentaries with a strong presence of the filmmaker's point of view both in form and content. Cinematographic qualities, and the honesty of the filmmaker’s approach to their subjects are highly valued. Creative documentaries and auteur films are especially welcome.

Astra Film Festival regards documentary cinema as a mind-broadening medium at the forefront of the process of scrutinizing the human condition and praises those documentaries which show deep involvement in exploring how individual people and communities cope with the circumstances of today's world.

ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL 2017 will take place between 16. and 22. October, in Sibiu, Romania.

Submissions are now open.  Click HERE to submit your film.

Please read carefully the Festival Rules & Regulations. By submitting your film, you expressly acknowledge and agree that you shall be bound by the terms of the Rules & Regulations.

Deadline for submissions is April 20th, 2017.


Astra Film Festival, Romania's leading documentary festival is hosted by the city of Sibiu. The festival is the beating heart for the international and regional annual production. Through its special focus, it is the place to feel the pulse of documentary film production in the ex-Soviet Block, view the latest Romanian productions, meet fellow-filmmakers from around the world, debate upon major issues faced by documentarists while exposing real life and real people on the big screen, and interact with professionals and with an enthusiastic audience.