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Astra Film Festival

13+ films

Down the deep, dark web

Monday - Friday│ 12:30   < 56 min. >

Astra Film Cinema


While the prophecy of “cypherpunks” seems to become a reality in our times, people start to wonder whether the revolution of the internet is good or evil. In an attempt to objectively present the two sides of the “deep web”, issues like the battle for privacy, anonymity or the cryptomarket begin to arise. 
Not recommendable for teenagers under 15  


Monday - Friday │ 12:30   < 90 min. >

Auditorium Hall

In a hyper-conservative society where creativity, self-expression and self-agency are a privilege for women, Sonita, a very courageous Afghan refugee from Iran, at 18 finds comfort in rap music with a social message. Debating the definition of the statute of a person challenged with poverty and sexism, the film addresses ethical issues. 


Searching for Sugar Man

Monday - Friday│ 12:30   < 89 min. >

Thalia Hall

The documentary follows the trail of the discovery of a fascinating mystery behind which an incredible true story lies hidden. The story is that of Sixto Rodrigues, American composer and singer of Mexican origin.


True cost

Monday - Friday│ 12:30   < 92 min. >

Gong Theatre

True Cost is an example of a poignant documentary which identifies an issue, develops and investigation and attacks with the weapons of cinema. In this case, the issue is generated by the so-called fast-fashion, a sort of fast-food in fashion industry, which doesn’t work after releasing the traditional summer and winter collections, but on a weekly basis, i.e. 52 collections per year instead of two.