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A Mere Breath at Astra Film Cinema

How did the close-down of communist factories in Copsa Mica, the most polluted town in Europe until 2009, affect the life of an ultra-religious family? 

The film A Mere Breath (directed by Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan) steps into the house and yard of the Sicrea family from Copsa Mica on Thursday, April 27th, at 7 PM, at Astra Film Cinema. The documentary looks into the dynamics of the Sicrea family over seven years: while the father waits for God to heal his youngest daughter’s progressive illness, there are transformations within the family which irreversibly alter the relations between them.  

The father, Dobrin, a Neo-Protestant Christian, wishes that Denisa, the youngest daughter, were able to walk, but he’s not willing to turn to doctors and hopes that the healing will take the form of a divine miracle. The little girl, trapped in a wheelchair, suffers from spina bifida, a birth defect which affects her mobility. Lia shares her husband’s religious fervor, but she also wants to turn to medical care for Denisa.

As the children grow up, despite all hardships and rigors imposed by Dobrin’s extreme religiousness, the family stick together even when neither the prayers for Denisa’s getting better, nor the hope for a “decent” future for Angelo, the rebel of the family, pays off.

The film A Mere Breath has won the Best Romanian Documentary award at the 2017 GOPO awards, Astra Film Festival and Sarajevo Film Festival.

Access to the screening is made at 6:30 PM, via 11 Piața Mică. For further information, call: 0751.166.516

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An event organized by: Astra Film and CNM Astra