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About AFF Junior 2011


Two years ago, ASTRA FILM initiated the educational program for children, ASTRA FILM JUNIOR, which brings in an alternative of extracurricular activity: the education through image. This kind of program was warmly welcomed by the teachers of Sibiu County. In 2010, we expanded this program by also targeting high school students, who answered positively to our initiative.  The proof: more than 10.000 students, from all over Sibiu, have participated in ASTRA FILM JUNIOR. Thus, ASTRA FILM JUNIOR has become a festival by itself. 

ASTRA FILM JUNIOR 2011 aims at:

- awakening and cultivating in the young and very young audience the pleasure of watching (in movie theaters) films which help them discover, understand and consciously analyze the information they receive;

- educating the students' taste in choosing audio-visual products;

- developing children's interest in documentary film as a means of education through image;

- educating students for watching a film in movie theaters;

- offering an extracurricular activity designed to suggest new perspectives to children by means of revealing different cultures and civilizations. 


KINDERGARDEN (18th October 2011, 10:00 - 10:30, at the "St. Dimitri" Orthodox Kindergarden of the Romanian Orthodox Archiepiscopate, Sibiu)

For this edition, the ASTRA FILM JUNIOR Festival brings in a pilot project targeting kindergarden children. This program consists of film projections, in 18th October 2011, at 10 a.m., at the the Orthodox Kindergarden “St. Dimitri” of the Romanian Orthodox Archiepiscopate, Sibiu. Two episodes of the second season of the series “Good Morning, World”, produced by GEDEON PROGRAMMES, France, will be presented. The kids will, thus, have the chance to find out how children of their age live in Oman (a very rich country) and India (a poor country). The movies will be dubbed into Romanian.

For PRIMARY SCHOOL STUDENTS (19 – 21 October 2011; 8:30 – 9:30; at the Culture House, Sibiu), we suggest:

- the discovery of new cultures and civilizations by means of the documentary series „Good Morning, World”, produced by GEDEON PROGRAMMES FRANCE, which illustrates the lives of children in Syria, Peru, Australia, Indonesia, Egipt, Bolivia. (The series will be dubbed into Romanian in order to facilitate the children's understanding)

- the discovery of the way in which different products of our daily lives are manufactured by means of the highly succesful series „How It's Made”, produced by PRODUCTIONS MAJ CANADA. (The series will be dubbed into Romanian)

The project also aims to observe the children's level of interest in watching documentary films in theater halls. 

- a drawing contest, drawings inspired from the films seen by the children. (We ask the teachers to support this activity, by allowing children to do their drawings during drawing classes) The best drawings will be awarded educational books for children by Corint Junior Publishing, printed by Corint Publishing Group.

For HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS (27 October 2011, 12:00 – 14:10, at the Culture House, Sibiu), we suggest:

- the presentation of the Discovery Campaign „Anybody Can Be a Hero” by Ada Roseti, Southeast Europe Channel Director, Discovery Networks CEEMEA

- the film IMAGINE A SCHOOL...SUMMERHILL presenting a unique school in England, where the emotional development of children comes first and lessons second. It will be followed by a discussion on the topic „The Ideal School”, moderated by a personality in the field.