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Astra Film Festival

About AFF

ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL  is a major event in the European film community and Romania's leading documentary festival. The Festival is located in the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, and it is unique in South-Eastern Europe. 

The Festival spotlights contemporary human realities as evoked by documentary cinema. It champions documentaries that give a detailed and intimate account of the human condition in the form of powerful cinematographic stories. The Festival programme gives a realistic vision of contemporary societies, and promotes cultural and cross-cultural understanding.

ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL is a window on the latest international documentary cinema production, the venue for Romanian premieres, and the right spot to feel the pulse of Eastern European documentary film production. In addition to the official programme, ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL puts on show various sidebars tailored to illustrate the diversity and the current tendencies of documentary cinema worldwide, and features various programmes celebrating the work of the great masters of the genre.

ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL came into being in 1993 as a groundbreaking project in the region, and its life story is as fascinating as the best of documentaries. (watch here Astra Film - A Brief History)

The Festival's contribution to establishing a framework for the development of documentary cinema in the whole region, and in Romania in particular, was consequential, insofar as it attracted industry attention and built a platform for young documentary filmmakers, offering training oportunities, as well as national and international visibility for their work.

ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL has developed an audience of documentary buffs, and implemented a film literacy programme for young and very young audiences which has grown into an independent festival called ASTRA FILM JUNIOR, a national event with tens of thousands of participants every year.

ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL is the place to meet fellow-filmmakers from around the world, to debate upon major issues faced by documentarists while exposing real people's lives on the big screen, and to interact with professionals and with an enthusiastic audience. 

ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL Sibiu is organized by ASTRA FILM – Centre for Documentary Film and Visual Education, Department the National Museum ASTRA in Sibiu, and by the  ASTRA FILM Foundation. The founding director is Dumitru Budrala, documentary filmmaker and doctor in visual anthropology. Today, ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL is a reference point for cinema professionals, academics, and cinemagoers. 

This year ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL takes place between 16 and 22 October 2017.