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AF Junior 2013

ASTRA FILM JUNIOR 2013, 5th Edition 

The 5th edition of ASTRA FILM JUNIOR, The Documentary Film Festival for Children and Teenagers, awarded at the Civic Society Gala 2012, Section “Education, Teaching, Research”, will take place in Sibiu between the 14th and the 17th of October 2013.

The ASTRA FILM JUNIOR education program was initiated in 2009 by the ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL, out of the necessity of an education through image, not very present in Romania, and the desire of offering a high-quality program as an alternative to the television shows who aim to transform the audience into "becoming what they see".

ASTRA FILM JUNIOR has become one of the largest extracurricular activities. In 2012, it was requested that the Astra Film Junior Festival take place twice, and in the whole country, during the week dedicated to national extracurricular activities. In 2012, AF Junior ran in 6 cities, but in 2013, as “Astra Film Junior ON TOUR”, it reached 21 cities and towns in Romania. This was made possible through a valued and distinguished partnership with the French Institute in Romania.

ASTRA FILM JUNIOR is the only visual education program in Romania that uses documentary film resources aimed at children and teenagers. Until now, tens of thousands of children took part in the Astra Film Junior Festival

This edition marks the beginning of a partnership between the Ministry of Education and ASTRA FILM JUNIOR.

The theme of ASTRA FILM JUNIOR 2013 is GAME – a necessary activity of the psychological, social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of children. Through documentary films, Astra Film Junior presents children with the opportunity to find out more about how children play and how toys are made worldwide.