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Astra Film Festival

Astra Film Festival 2011 Awards


Grand Prize Astra Film Festival, offered by Romanian cultural Institute (5000 EURO)-Z32 (Avi Mograbi|Franţa|2008 |81')

Romanian documentary award offered by „Formula AS” magazine - Off the Beaten Track (Dieter Auner|România,Irlanda|2011| 87’)

The Excellency Award for female filmmaker campaigning for the future of our planet, oferred by „The One”  magazine to Tracy Worcester


Best documentary film, offered by National Centre of Cinematography (1000 EURO) - Berlinskaya Fuga (Denes Nagy |Ungaria| 2009| 14')

Best Research, offered by SONY (Sony NEX-C3 photo camera) - Anything But Black (Ausra Linkeviciute | Lituania, Marea Britanie| 2009 | 20')

Mention - Women on Canvas, Romania (Otilia Babara | Romania | 2009 | 10')


Sibiu/ Hermannstadt Award for Best Research, offered by Sibiu Municipality  (1000 EURO) - Songs from the Nickel (Alina Skrzeszewska| USA, Germany| 2010 |83')

 BEST Documentary, offered by HBO (3000 EURO) - I Shot my Love (Tomer Heymann| Israel |2010 |56')


Best Picture, offered by Kodak (lab services for Professional Motion Imaging worth 3000 EURO) - Teodora Sinner (Anca Hirte |France, Romania |2011 |86')

Best Documentary film, offered by TVR (Romanian television) (1000 EURO) - Crulic - The Path to Beyond (Anca Damian |Romania, Poland |2011 |73')


Best documentary from East Europe - film produced in or approaching issues in an Eastern European country, offered by The Deventer Filmaward (1000 EURO) - Village Without Women (Srdjan Sarenac |Croaţia, Franţa| 2010 |82')

Best documentary film, offered by Ratiu Foundation (2000 GBP) - Check Check Poto (Julia Varga |Franţa|2010 |82')