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Astra Film Festival

Astra Film Festival 2002

The Balkans

Out of the almost 100 documentaries which entered the selection for the Balkan section, most of them were dealing with the Yugoslavian war. This thematic schism is also reflected in our final selection: out of the 11 films in competition, there are 8 films dealing with this subject.

These films are not only a showcase for the variety of aspects, styles and approaches to the Yugoslavian war theme, but also to the variety of their productions. Along with being very careful to balance the number of films presenting all the different viewpoints of the ethnic groups involved in the war, the selection committee also tried to select different kinds of productions.

Many important conclusions can be learned from watching films dealing with different aspects of the same subject only by reading the credits: who financed this specific approach and why? There are many documentary ideas, and even elaborated projects which cry to be done and never get done. It is a problem that such projects cannot surface because of the lack of funding given to projects which are not to the taste of the funding agencies; the narrowness of topics in contemporary Balkan documentary can be blamed on the narrowness of this taste.

The three other films selected are dealing with different aspects of Balkan societies, but they can still not cover the whole scale of the region's important issues.



A Minister Backtracks, Ulrik Holmstrup, Denmark

Children Kosovo 2000, Ferenc Moldovanyi, Hungary

Green Card, Eldora Traykova, Bulgaria

Masquerade, Cornel Gheorghita, France / Romania

Ravens, Zelimir Gvardiol, Yugoslavia

Returning Home, Tone Bringa & Peter Loizos, Bosnia Hertegovina

Slices Of Time, Zemira Alajbegovic & Neven Korda, Slovenia

The Apaches, Miroslav Nikolic, Serbia / Yugoslavia

The Last Yugoslavian Football Team, Vuk Janic, The Netherlands

The School, Marianna Economou, Greece

Women, The Forgotten Face Of War, Susan Muska & Greta Olafsdottir, Kosovo&Albania