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New project development lab 2019


AstraFilmLab is a project development program for creative documentaries, a new lab for filmmakers to develop and strengthen their projects. AstraFilmLab is a three-day project-based intensive workshop, taking place concurrently with Astra Film Festival in Sibiu, Romania, consisting of mentoring, roundtable discussions, one-to-one meetings and a public pitch in front of an audience of industry representatives. AstraFilmLab emphasizes projects and teams from the region, aiming to facilitate exchanges within Europe and beyond. The goal of this programme is to offer an auspicious platform to filmmakers currently developing internationally relevant stories that originate in this part of Europe to present their work and develop professional networks.



What are we looking for?


Feature-length creative documentaries, irrespective of genres, styles, and subject matter.

The selection will be based on a number of criteria, including but not limited to artistic quality of the project, international potential and the capacity of the director/ producer to complete the project. Priority of selection will be given to projects from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia.


Submission process


In order to be considered, applicants should complete this form.

The deadline for applications is 30 June 2019.

By completing the application, applicants confirm and guarantee that he/she is entitled to submit the project to AstraFilmLab and has authorisation and consent from the owners of the copyright and related rights, any trademarked content and/or other subject matter of intellectual property on the content included in the submitted project.


Submissions must include (all information must be supplied in English):

a short synopsis

a film treatment

a director statement

biographies and filmographies for both the director and if applicable the producer(s)

a trailer/ filmed sequence (with English subtitles)

details about the budget, sources of funding (in Euro)


Projects without a producer attached will be considered. Applicants are encouraged to supply all information they deem important for their project, including but not limited to details of the team.


If selected, the information submitted in the application will be published in a catalogue of projects that will be distributed to all [email protected] industry experts.


Selection process


The selection will be based on an application, that must include the complete online application form and the video material.

A total of 10 projects will be selected and invited to participate in AstraFilmLab. In some cases, the organiser can select more or less than 10 projects.

Successful applicants will be required to attend activities in Sibiu between 17-19 October 2019. AstraFilmLab will cover the cost of the director’s and/or producer’s accommodation, meals and a full Astra Film Festival accreditation for the duration of the programme. Transportation costs must be covered by the participants.


Successful applicants will be informed by 1 August 2019.


AstraFilmLab format


The lab is tailored for professional director/ producer teams. In some cases, projects can alternatively be represented by the cinematographer, editor or other member of the team, but the director or producer must be present.

During AstraFilmLab, mentors will give advice and feedback based on the directorial and production aspects of all participant projects. This can include, but is not limited to the following topics: how to structure a presentation/ pitch of the project, how to present their project to ensure the maximum efficiency – synopsis and trailer, how to put together a budget.

Following the workshops, each project will be presented in a public pitch in front of the [email protected] audience. The audience includes industry experts, ranging from producers, distributors, festival representatives, sales agents, broadcasters. Only those team members who took part in the workshops can attend the Pitch. Each team will have 10 minutes allotted for their presentation, structured as follows: 7 minutes for project presentations (including video or any other visual materials) and 3 minutes to answer any questions from the industry experts present. Each project also gets a chance for one-to-one meetings with industry experts present.


Terms and conditions


Participants must be able to demonstrate access to key characters or institutions, and that they are authorised to grant rights of usage and/or to transfer it to third parties.


The official language of AstraFilmLab is English, and all participants must be able to work comfortably in English.


AstraFilmLab maintains a no-fee policy.


A part of the programme is intended only for the chosen participants. All the programmes open to the public are clearly marked in the [email protected] schedule.



About Documentary[email protected]


[email protected], Astra Film Festival’s industry program, mirrors the ambitious mission of the festival to explore and understand the human condition through portrayals of culturally diverse contemporary societies and presents a favourable environment for a range of networking and project development opportunities. The aim of the program is to encourage the development and growth of Romanian and European documentary industries and of its current and future filmmakers. Since 2016 Astra Film Festival has taken a proactive role not only in presenting to audiences diverse and exciting experiences of immersive – real and virtual – reality, but also in the development of projects, and the productive encounters between filmmakers, both established and emerging, film students, producers, distributors and buyers, festival representatives, or other industry experts from Europe and beyond.


For every edition, [email protected] selects and promotes projects in all stages of development, providing a platform for filmmakers to interact with industry experts and potentially find partners for their work. Besides the focus on projects in development, the program also includes a variety of talks, presentations and roundtables on current conditions of production and distribution of documentary formats.