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Astra Film Festival 2015

Behind the scenes

The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, A making of


The most awarded Romanian film, The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (2005), directed by Cristi Puiu, was shot in 39 nights, between November and December 2004. Andrea Păduraru was there operating the camera at each shooting and she gathered 200 hours of footage for the making-of.

The event entitled Behind the scenes will open a debate with questions regarding the process of creating a reality which was to take the form of a narrative film.

How useful was the script as a tool employed to introduce the team to the world of the film which was about to be born?

What are the directorial secrets by means of which the narrative film becomes a reality in which the captivated spectator enters, resonating with every detail and living the story from the point of view of an invisible witness?

To what extent did the team members present on the set (the cinematographer, camera operators, actors, assistant director) know or intuit the takes that were to be used in the final cut? How much can a making-of render the reality of the filming period as a whole, being built upon the thread of emotional experience and team interactions?



Event guests:

Cristi Puiu, director

Andreea Paduraru, director

Oana Giurgiu, director and producer

Debate moderated by Radu Vancu, writer


Thursday 08.10.2015 18:00, Astra Film Cinema