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Astra Film Festival

Bikes Vs Cars at Astra Film Cinema

“You own a car, not the street. The street belongs to all of us!”

This is how you could sum up the plot of the film which will be screened on Thursday, March 9th (at 7 PM), at Astra Film CinemaBikes vs. Cars (directed by Fredrik Gertten).

The film spotlights a global crisis we all know we should talk about: climate change, natural resources, cities being gradually taken over by cars. Behind this spectacular boom of the car industry there’s people who invest billions of Euro each year in lobbying and advertising, and they are willing to do just about anything to protect their businesses. Bikes would be an extraordinary vector of change, yet in some vast cities riding a bike is really a dog-eat-dog endeavor.

So where do we stand in the most populated cities in the world? In São Paulo, there are 20 million inhabitants, over 7 million cars registered, and one cyclist is killed every week. There was a time in Los Angeles when the most efficient infrastructure of public transportation in the world would stand tall. Today, 70% of it is dedicated to high-speed freeways and parking.

The culture of automobiles in the US is, however, not that popular in cities like Copenhagen. Today, the capital of Denmark has 1,000 kilometers of built cycle ways. Here, 4 out of 5 people own a bike, and more people prefer riding bikes instead of driving cars than anywhere in the US. “They’re like insects, they are swarming all around you”, a taxi driver describes the cyclists in this city.


Just how bike-friendly is the city of Sibiu? We will take a radiograph of the confrontation between bikes and cars in our city following the screening of the film in a freewheeling discussion with the members of the “Tură în Natură” Association.


One ticket is 6 lei. Tickets are available 30 minutes before the screening at Astra Film Cinema (Piața Mică 11, Sibiu). BRING YOUR BIKE AND YOU’LL GET A FREE TICKET FOR THE FILM! For further information, call: 0751.166.516

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An event organized by: Astra Film and CNM Astra

Partners: Swedish Embassy in Romania and the “Tură în Natură” Association