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Astra Film Festival 2014


Due to the popularity and prevalence of his movies, Charlie Chaplin became the most well-known figure of silent comedy, most of his productions standing the test of time. The main character in his movies, The Tramp, became a symbol in Western cinematographic culture.

On his 125th birthday anniversary and 100 years since the introduction of his character, the Tramp, Astra Film Festival 2014 brings the Charlie Chaplin phenomenon into focus.

Film screenings like 100 years ago

A century ago, movie theatres were the new hangout places for the general public. Silent movies were projected onto big screens, accompanied by live instrumental music and some of the films, like those of Charlie Chaplin, are at least as funny today as they were in the past.

Astra Film Festival 2014 offers a unique program for the children and parents of Sibiu – matinee screenings of two of Chaplin’s most beloved silent comedies made in 1916 and 1917: The Fireman and Easy Street. The films will be accompanied by live piano music played by Cari Tibor, composer and pianist, to recreate the atmosphere of early 20th century cinema.

The participants will be able to relive the cinema experience that their grandparents and great-grandparents had in the movie theatre, watching movies made using techniques that existed at that time. 

The Charlie Chaplin phenomenon in India

The Charlie Chaplin 100 program at AFF 2014 brings forth a less known phenomenon presented in the documentary The Boot Cake. We have the chance to witness what happens when the iconic figure of Charlie Chaplin, The Tramp, crosses the borders of European-American culture.

This character comes to represent more than the passion of a fan club in an Indian town. The celebrations organized by The Charlie Circle, led by doctor Aswani are nothing short from the religious celebrations dedicated to Hindu gods or from any other Indian religious procession. The founder of this group admits that he uses Chaplin’s movies as therapy for his patients.

>>  Thalia Hall, 11 oct., 10:00 - 11:00

>>  Thalia Hall, 12 oct., 10:00 - 11:00