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Astra Film Festival

Astra Film Festival 2014


Debate with special guest, prof. Vintilă Mihăilescu (SNSPA).

Who hasn’t thought at least once about leaving the limiting space between concrete walls, the gray districts of cities polluted by nightmarish traffic, far from the happiness promised by advertisements and by a society ruled by unpredictable politics? Who hasn’t thought at least once about escaping the system of our postmodern society, with all its shortcomings, and return to NATURE?

Are the communities created based on utopian principles an experimental human laboratory? Could utopian communities represent a real alternative? Can such collectives stand the test of time?

The special program, Communes, Communities – Utopias and practices, presents a selection of documentaries and a discussion based on several examples from the lives of those who took this “step” outside conventional society - welcome to the kitchen and bedroom of alternative communes: ecological ones (AMERICAN COMMUNE|Nadine Mundo, Rena Mundo Coshere|U.S.A.|2013), religious ones (JONESTOWN: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PEOPLES TEMPLE|Stanley Nelson|U.S.A.|2006), experimental ones (MY FATHERS, MY MOTHER AND ME|Paul-Julien Robert|Austria|2012) created after the Second World War, especially in the 1960-1970s or even earlier than that, or those at the beginning of the 20thcentury ( FREAK OUT|Carl Javér|Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden|2014 and INVENTING OUR LIFE: THE KIBBUTZ EXPERIMENT|Toby Perl Freilich|Israel, U.S.A.|2012)

>> The panel discussion takes place at ASTRA LIBRARY, 10th of October 2014, 18:00 - 19:00