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Astra Film Festival


ASTRA FILM JUNIOR is the only documentary film festival in Romania dedicated exclusively to children and teenagers.

In 2009, ASTRA FILM created ASTRA FILM JUNIOR, an education program dedicated to children, out of the necessity of an education through image, not very present in Romania, and the desire of offering a high-quality program as an alternative to the television shows who aim to transform the audience into "becoming what they see".

Today, children and young adults are exposed to a variety of images (animated series, television programs, movies, video games), without necessarily having the means to understand them and view them critically. Therefore, they are an easy prey for mass-media, and are transformed into dedicated product consumers, or even addicted to television, computers and video games.


 - an education through image dedicated to children and teenagers;

- an education of students' tastes in choosing media productions and of forming an active and critical view regarding image;

- a development of students' interest in documentary film using education through image as a teaching method; 

- an opportunity to take part at a documentary film festival dedicated exclusively to children and teenagers, that screens films suitable for their age;

- an alternate extracurricular education method meant to open up new perspectives through discovering other cultures and civilizations;

- to awaken and cultivate among the young and young adult audiences the pleasure of seeing films that will help them discover, understand and consciously analyze the information they receive;

- to teach students how to view a film in a cinema hall.

ASTRA FILM JUNIOR, awarded at the Civic Society Gala 2012, Section "Education, Teaching, Research", is one of the largest extracurricular education programs in Romania, the only program of visual education through documentary film dedicated to children and teenagers.