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Astra Film Festival 2012



ASTRA FILM  is pleased to host two concerts from the program of SOUNDCZECH, Festival of Contemporary Czech Music, the latest project of the Czech Centre in Bucharest.

The artists who perform in Sibiu for the ASTRA FILM audience are among the best appreciated contemporary musicians in the Czech Republic: FLOEX and DVA.


Monday 15th of October 2012,  19:00, John Marshall hall,  Casa de Cultura a Sindicatelor


Tomáš Dvořák, better known as Floex is a young talented composer, musician, graphic artist and graduate of Imitative Arts Academy.

Florex plays and composes music since 1996. He learned to play the clarinet since childhood and It became a key instrument for his music. At first he contributed to several compilations and released a demo online. In 2001 he released his debut album Pocustone, combining relatively isolated genres as nu-jazz, electronic and contemporary music. The album was very well-received by critics and got several awards.

Ten years after the debut Floex launches Zorya. The most profound album of the artist explores acoustic music (especially classical minimalism) and contemporary electronic music. The album, whose title is inspired by Slavic goddess "Zorya Polunochnaya" processes deep,  subconscious music with an nocturnal atmosphere.

Tomáš Dvořák is known for working with Amanita Design for the soundtrack of the Samorost Game 2 (2006) and Machinarium (2009) and is the author of several multimedia installations. Art still plays an important role in his projects, he is the author of the visual identity of his albums.

Floex sings in concert with a band - Sara Vondraškova - vocals, Tomas Dvorak - electronics, clarinet and midiclarinet, Jirka Javůrek - clarinet, bass clarinet midiclarinet and Marian Petržela - drums.

Friday 19th of October 2012,  22:00, John Marshall hall,  Casa de Cultura a Sindicatelor


DVA (TWO in english) is a creative and wacky band singing in languages that do not exist for inexistent radios . The band consists of Jan Kratochvil, guitar, banjo, looping, beatbox kitchen, improvised instruments and voice and Bara Kratochvilova, voice, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, melodica, wind instruments, "midi controller" and other toys.

Music journalists have nicknamed DVA as "unclassifiable", being considered a phenomenon of the Czech alternative scene and Charlie Gillett, BBC music critic, said that the "Fonok" album as one of the best albums of 2009 . The album was nominated for the Czech annual musical award "Angel" and the video Nunovo Tango won first prize at Anifest Festival.