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Astra Film Festival

Astra Film Festival 2015


     Astra Film keeps the tradition in the 22nd edition of the festival, offering the public the chance to watch the best selection of documentary films. The novelty of this year is that, every evening, famous bands will complete the festive atmosphere from 5th to 11th of October. Highly praised musicians and instrumentalists have prepared performances for all music tastes, the cultural mosaic fitting perfectly with the diverse program of Astra Film Festival.



Fanfara 10 Prăjini (Fanfara lui Crăciun)

10 Gypsy musicians conquered the world with their music. 10 Prajini Brass Band or Crăciun’s Brass Band brings to Astra Film Festival the Balkan spirit.

Friday 09.10.2015 - Historic Center, 16:00, 19:00

Saturday 10.10.2015 - Historic Center, 16:00, 18:00



Fanfara Transilvania (Fanfara lui Gălan)

Extremely active on the artistic stage, the band has managed to enrich the heritage of Gypsy music, with Balkan and Romanian influences from all traditional folk areas of Romania.

Monday 05.10.2015 – Historic Center 16:00, Piata Mica 16:30

Tuesday 06.10.2015 - Historic Center 16:00, 18:00



Blue Nipple Boy

Blue Nipple Boy means reggae music with rock and alternative influences, played at a high level of energy and color. Established in 2010 in Bucharest, the band has participated so far in the most popular festivals and concerts in Romania, but also in Europe, their songs being aired on radio stations in Romania, Luxembourg, Denmark, Germany and USA.

Friday 09.10.2015 - Piata Mica 19:00, Thalia 21:00


Surorile Oşoianu

The five artists are also known as "five twin voices" who have always promoted and continue to promote the value, authenticity of our folklore both at home and abroad. All that is called tradition, national treasure, represents them and the desire to promote authentic folklore is above all.

Monday 05.10.2015 - Piata Mica 16:45


Trei parale

Trei parale is a revivalist group from Bucharest, which makes use of a thorough documentation in traditional musical culture. The group uses old and almost extinct instruments and very little used in traditional contemporary urban world: various pipes and various percussion instruments

Thursday 08.10.2015 - Piata Mica 20:00, Thalia 21:00



HolddalaNap was founded recently by well-known and experienced Hungarian folk musicians. They bring together own poetry and essence of traditional music, they add a lot of improvisation and wonderful singing, and create their unique sound by using authentic folk instruments.

Saturday 10.10.2015 - Piata Mica 17:00, Sala Thalia 21:00



TiPtiL was established in 2009 and brings together funk, jazz, drum'n'bass, dance, reggae and alternative rhythms, all fused with positive vibrations of post punk.. Being frequently invited to some of the most known and popular cultural events, TiPtiL enjoys numerous concerts nationwide.

Tuesday 06.10.2015 - Piata Mica 19:00, Sala Thalia 21:00


Roots Revival

An international project in which each musician comes from a different cultural background in an effort to bring traditional music at a crossroad of contemporary experiments influenced by traditional, jazz, folk and world music. The concept started in 2013 at the initiative of Mehdi Aminian which coordinated the events of each theme-Maramures and Maria Tanase. 

Friday  09.10.2015 - Piata Mica 20:30

Saturday 10.10.2015 - Thalia 21:45

Peste pădure

Their repertoire consists of ancient traditional songs gathered from Romanian villages, old tapes, but also original songs, shaped on the Romanian's spiritual poem – doina. The name of the band is the Romanian interpretation for the Latin “Trans Silva” (Transylvania, “Beyond The Forest”) and enhances the closeness to nature, a powerful eternal source of inspiration and meditation.

Wednesday 07.10.2015 - Thalia 21:00


Taraful din Clejani

Sunday 11.10.2015 – Piata Mica 19:00



Fanfara din Cozmești

Wednesday 07.10.2015 - Historic Center 16:00, Piata Mica 19:00