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Ally Derks in conversation with the AFF audience

We are delighted to present the talk with Ally Derks, founder and long-time director of IDFA, for the Astra Film Festival audience. During her 1 hour discussion, she talked about setting up IDFA and the ways in which the festival works, as well as going in depth to our industry audience about the IDFA Forum, a pioneer platform which she initiated in the early 1990s, aimed to support the development of documentary projects. As a longtime supporter of the documentary format, Ally drew from her extensive experience in both programming and encouraging the development of documentary and gave advice to filmmakers in the audience.

ASTRA FILM 2018: Ally Derks, fondator al International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam ne povestește acum, live la AFF2018, despre culisele festivalurilor de filme documentare. Play & enjoy!HD Live > www.astrafilm.ro/livestream/

Opublikowany przez Astra Film Festival Środa, 17 października 2018