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Astra Film Festival 2015

Doc & Academic Research Open Session


   This program is a selection of documentaries made by students in the Master of Anthropology in the National School of Political Science and Public Administration in Bucharest, between 2009 and 2015, as part of the Visual Anthropology course, taught by lecturer Bogdan Iancu, Ph.D., since 2011, after it was taught for 10 years by Elena Raicu. One of the specificities of these productions is a result of a preoccupation for raw ethnographic investigation, only rarely aesthetically accentuated. Another common note, derived from the fact that these are the first documentaries by these authors, is the development in small, intimate temporal and social spaces, thus eventually producing portrait films. However, the documentary shorts in this program have the undeniable merit of being well anchored in the relevant social processes of the last few decades.   



   The Master in Documentary Filmmaking UBB - Cluj University - Faculty of Theatre and Television is a highly practical, applied program in the production of documentary film for cinema, television or other media platforms. From the beginning of the master program, students will start working on the portfolio for the production of a feature documentary film that will represent their final dissertation work, while also taking other theoretical, and practical courses, with the possibility of choosing from a number of elective courses offered. In their first year, students prepare a pre-production portfolio that will comprise a written proposal for a documentary film of 15-27 minutes, a description of the initial research results and photo documentation as well as an estimated budget and production plan. They also prepare a 15 minute maximum documentary exercise, produced in the style of their selected subgenre. In their second year, start the filming and production of the feature documentary film. At this stage, the portfolio will include the shooting plan, with locations and calendar, as well as the list of necessary materials and resources, and at the end of the third semester, they will present a rough director’s cut. During their last semester the students work on the post-production stage, editing and adding sound to the final feature documentary and also completing the portfolio with the promotional material.



   The specialisation of Journalism, in collaboration with film specialist Günter Czernetzky from Munich, Germany, initiated a visual anthropology project, with the final goal of publishing a series of documentary shorts on DVD.  

Dumnezeu nu bate cu bâta! presents, by observing religious faith, the villages of the Transylvanian Saxons in the area between Rupea and Sighișoara called ”Oat Country” (germ. Haferland). The short feature story series is the result of student work, grounded by intensive field research. It is the sixth short feature stories series about Transylvanian Saxon villages made by students specializing in Journalism, Communication and Public Relations, but also other study programs in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at the ”Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu. Other titles in the series are Un sâmbure de speranță (2010), Trecutul nostru glorios (2011), Dor și jale pe Valea Hârtibaciului (2012), In vino veritas (2013), Varza, capra și vecinii (2014), Mesaje (work in progress). The anthropological research for each series is different in theme, as well as production technique.



Thursday 08.10.2015 13:00, Habitus