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Don’t miss The Devil’s Child at AF Cinema

Mariuca was born during the Communist regime. Right after birth, she was abandoned, and at the age of 6 she was adopted by a French couple. Now, at 37, Marion has become a mother for the first time, and this milestone makes her go back to her own past and wonder: How could a mother abandon her own child?

The Devil’s Child (directed by Ursula Wernly Fergui) is a wistful journey into the dramatic past of an entire generation of children who were born on demand and then abandoned at the mercy of the Communist state. The film will be screened on Thursday, March 16th, at 7 pm at Astra Film Cinema!

At the height of the communist utopia, the state had come to control even the most intimate part of the human life – sexuality – and transformed motherhood from a great reason to be happy into a real nightmare. The natalist policy of Ceausescu quickly did the trick and Romania became a real child factory. Thousands of children had ended up in the dictator’s orphanages. From there, some were further given up to be adopted by families from the West. For the state it was a profitable business: it was 2 million francs that the Securitate had earned at the time from adoptions.

For me, Ceausescu is the impersonation of the Devil. Sometimes I think I’m the Devil’s child”, says Marion. She is one of Ceausescu’s orphans who has had the extraordinary chance of growing up in a foster family. Away from Romania, away from horrible orphanages! After more than two decades, Marion tries to understand why she was abandoned and how the decision of her biological parents was made under the pressure of a schizophrenic political system.  

One ticket is 6 lei. Tickets are available 30 minutes before the screening at Astra Film Cinema (Piața Mică 11, Sibiu). For further information, call: 0751.166.516

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An event organized by: Astra Film and CNM Astra