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Eagles from Țaga
Iulian Manuel Ghervas, Adina Popescu • Romania, Slovak Republic • 2022 • 74 min • Premieră internațională
Nelu manages the football team in the village of Ţaga. The documentary conveys with subtle humor the realities of day-to-day life in this village from the Transylvanian planes by following the titular "Eagles" as they divide their days between anniversaries, weddings and football matches.
The documentary follows the team's evolution during the football championship in Romania and Slovakia and succeeds in creating a compelling portrait of the trainer, a village factotum. He takes care of everything both at home and at the stadium, he is a member in the "education, culture and sports commission", a dedicated animal lover. Nelu's greatest joy is to make sure that the football matches happen every Sunday, without exception, in a much-cherished tradition although the team has not won a match in two years.
Original Title:Vulturii din Țaga
Directors:Iulian Manuel Ghervas,Adina Popescu
Photography: Iulian Manuel Ghervas
Producer: Mitcu Claudiu
Editors: Iulian Manuel Ghervas, Ligia Popescu
Sound: Ștefan Teodorescu