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The road ahead: Terra Banatica
Mircea Gherase • Romania • 2021 • 66 min • No Premiere
Via Transilvanica is a road passing through a great diversity of ethnic, cultural, historical and geografical elements. It connects communities and identities and may even help one find oneself.
With as many as 1,400 kilometres of winding road, from Putna to Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Via Transilvanica is a revealing and healing experience with its magical landscapes. It is an invitation to slow traveling, in deep connection with history. And as one faces one’s physical limitations, one might even find a certain liberation. The documentary shows the Tăşuleasa Social team’s efforts to improve the road in the Caraş-Severin area and also follows a guide and a group of four women travellers who rediscover Romania’s beauty on their journey on Via Transilvanica. A film that truly nurtures our need for adventure.
Original Title:Oamenii drumului: Terra Banatica
Director:Mircea Gherase