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Waves on dry soil
Raluca David • Romania • 2021 • 64 min • Premieră mondială
Lucian’s life is divided between Ecuador, Portugal and his visits in his native Moldova. He dreams of one day representing his country at the Olympics.
This entails going above and beyond, from repeatedly contacting the Federation to giving surfing lessons. Capturing not only his dream but also the myriad of roadblocks faced by those just starting their professional journey, the documentary shows the surfer navigating both the waves in the ocean and those on land. Beyond the remarkable soundtrack and the exotic scenery interlaced with quaint and urban images used as a backdrop, we discover the bitterness of various situations as phrased by the protagonist's grandpa – “You know nothing about how we live here, in Moldova.”
Original Title:Valuri pe uscat
Director:Raluca David