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DOC TALK „Nuclear orthodoxy”, with Vasile Ernu

The writer and journalist Vasile Ernu talks about nuclear orthodoxy and the role played by the Russian Orthodox Church in the war for occupancy started by the Putin regime. The event will be moderated by Valer Cosma.

Lately, there have been many discussions about the role played by the Russian Orthodox Church in the configuration of the architecture of Putin’s regime and its role in the military issues and the occupancy war lead in Ukraine. An important role in the new dogma is played by the concept of `nuclear orthodoxy` or `atomic orthodoxy` which is a version of the `Russian idea` concept that says that orthodoxy – the confession that represents Russia – and the nuclear shield are two of the components of Russia’s security. The lecture wants to present the origins and evolution of this dogma and its role in the course of the war as well as its influence in the Christian-Orthodox area, beyond Russia’s borders. The DOC TALK will take place on Monday, the 10th of October, at 15:00.

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recorder-FOCUS Investigatie