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The Jazz Miracle from Sibiu
54 min
In communist times, the spring of Romanian music would start every year at the Jazz Festival in Sibiu. De edition, created in the spring of 2012, was one of the last `Remix’ shows, under the aegis of TVR Cultural. An incursion into the TVR archives, with the first 20 editions of the jazz festival.
This production has a special documentary value, given by the statements of the invited people, as well as the others filmed on the stages from Sibiu: Johnny Răducanu, Marius Popp, Aura Urziceanu, Nicolae Nae Ionescu (iniţiator – organizator), Florian Lungu, Dumitru Moroşanu, Zoltan Boroş, Emilian Tantana, Virgil Mihaiu, Harry Tavitian, Eugen Gondi, Ion Baciu jr, Paul Weiner, George Puba Hromadka, Valentin Farcaş, Poldi Reisenauer, Johnny Bota, Alex Vasiliu, Octavian Greavu, Costin Petrescu, Fred Nuss and many more.

The event will take place in the 15th of October, at 3:30 PM, at Cine Gold 4. The access is free.

Original Title:Miracolul Jazz de la Sibiu