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The Man and His Shadow
Dragoș-Mihai Hanciu • Romania • 2021 • 75 min • No Premiere
„Time flies by. Or maybe it stays still and we just go through it” – an honest portrait of a teacher, Gheorghe Blondă, also known as Jorj, from the National Film School.
Dragoș Hanciu becomes Jorj's shadow and the witness of what happens in the photo laboratory at the National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest. 25 years have passed since Jorj started teaching and life has never ceased challenging him. Jorj now must face a new challenge: he is forced to retire. The digital era makes his laboratory obsolete and the university board see no reason for it to stay open. In this context, Jorj's fight to continue his work has a new purpose and becomes even more intense. And do his students have a say in this conflict? A film about life, about change and the inevitable bottom line.
Sections: Romania 2022
Original Title:Omul cu umbra
Director:Dragoș-Mihai Hanciu