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Submissions AFF 2023
29 dec. 2022
AFF 2023 registration details The Astra Film Festival will take place from 15 to 22 October 2023. A selection of the official programme will be available online afterwards. Founded in 1993, the Astra Film Festival has become one of the leading platforms for documentary film in Romania and Europe. AFF is looking for documentary films with a strong presence of the director's perspective, both in form and content. Particularly appreciated are cinematic qualities and honesty, courage to tackle diff
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Astra Film Chisinau. Documentary film is the road that brings destinies and communities together
16 nov. 2022
Astra Film Chisinau was a true celebration of documentary film, which lasted three days, like in a fairy tale, bringing to the audience in the capital of Moldova something of the charm of the prestigious festival that has been held continuously in Sibiu since 1993. The audience had the opportunity to meet Romanian filmmakers and watch some of the best non-fiction films from the Astra Film Festival selection. The films dedicated to young people, followed by film literacy workshops, and the "Floa
Astra Film Chișinău starts today
11 nov. 2022
Astra Film Chisinau starts today with an event screening: the documentary film "Transalpina - The Road of Kings" by Dumitru Budrala, which will take place from 18:00 at the Great Hall of the Art Museum of the Republic of Moldova. Screenings of films brought to Chisinau directly from the Astra Film Festival selection will continue on Saturday and Sunday. Details and programme here: Astra Film Chisinau is an event organised by Astra Film and financ
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Astra Film Festival comes to Moldova for the first time
02 nov. 2022
Astra Film Festival, the most important documentary film festival in Romania, brings to Chișinău, for the first time, a selection of the most appreciated films from this year's edition of the festival. The Astra Film Chisinau programme includes a screening of the event film "Transalpina - The Road of Kings" by Dumitru Budrala, as well as a concert "Floare de Maidan" by the Subcarpathian Cultural Centre. The event also has an educational component: teenagers will have th
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Astra Film Festival offers online access to 41 documentary films
21 oct. 2022
The Astra Film International Documentary Film Festival in Sibiu continues online until October 30, at 11:59 p.m., time during which anyone in Romania can see 41 of the films in the official Astra Film Festival 2022 selection. A ticket for watching a film costs 20 lei, and a subscription for all films 200 lei. Details on tickets and the full program here: " We strive to show quality documentary films to as many people as possible. This year, we hi
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Astra Film Festival 2022 has announced its winners
19 oct. 2022
The jury of the 29th edition of Astra Film Festival announced the winners of this year's international documentary film festival in Sibiu in a fulldome show, which took place in Piața Mare. The best film of the Romania Section is the production " The Chalice. Of sons and daughters ", by Cătălina Tesăr and Dana Bunescu . And the award for best director, in the same category, was offered to Adina Popescu and Iulian Manuel Ghervas , the authors of the film " Eagles from Țaga &q
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Astra Film Festival 2022, debut spectaculos
10 oct. 2022
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09 oct. 2022
Evenimentele cheie ale ediției cu numărul 29 a festivalului ASTRA FILM vor fi transmise LIVE de partenerii de la Livestream România.
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Astra Film Festival 2022 starts on Sunday in Sibiu with a documentary about the Cortorari Roma from southern Transylvania
08 oct. 2022
The 29th edition of the Astra Film International Documentary Film Festival in Sibiu starts on Sunday, from 7pm, at Sala Thalia, with the screening-event of the production "The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters" (2022) directed by Cătălina Tesăr and Dana Bunescu, " a diary of a family of Roma cortorari from Sibiu county, which revolves around money, gold and honour ". The atmosphere of the Opening Gala will be completed by Taraf de Caliu, recently returned from the prestigious E
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28 sept. 2022
The famous director Nick Broomfield comes to the Astra Film Festival with a film about Leonard Cohen
22 sept. 2022
Nick Broomfield, one of the most influential documentary film directors in the world, is coming to Sibiu, for the 29th edition of the Astra Film festival. Winner of numerous international awards such as BAFTA or Sundance, Nick Broomfield will meet the Astra Film Festival audience in the Portrait Program "A Life in Documentary - Masters". Three non-fiction films will be screened, including 'Marianne and Leonard - Words of Love', about the emotional story between Leonard Cohen
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Astra Film Junior, around the World in 20 films
15 sept. 2022
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Astra Film Festival presents 17 of the newest and most valuable documentary films about the real Romania
07 sept. 2022
The Astra Film Festival in Sibiu, which will take place between October 9th -16th, presents a selection of the newest and most valuable Romanian documentary films of the moment. In total, 17 Romanian films will be screened, of which 14 can be seen for the first time in Romania, in Sibiu. All of them make up a puzzle of the Romanian society. The screenings will take place in the presence of the filmmakers, who will enter a dialogue with the audience. After the 29th edition of #AFF, some films wi
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Floating cinema on the lake in Dumbrava Sibiului Natural Park
05 sept. 2022
The weekend in Sibiu looked like a beautiful dream, where hundreds of people had a unique experience: floating in boats, under the moonlight, they saw movies projected on a huge screen, located between windmills, in the middle of Dumbrava Sibiului Natural Park. For full details, please see the article here (in Romanian).
Astra Film Festival announces Warm-Up AFF, event that takes place in Sibiu on September 2-3
30 aug. 2022
Astra Film Festival announces a Warm-Up event which will take place in Sibiu, on the on 3rd and 4th of September The films projected on a screen placed between windmills can be watched from boats that float on the lake Sibiu is getting ready for Astra Film Festival 2022. The organisers announce for September 3 and 4, that is, the last weekend before the start of school, The Astra Film Warm-Up, a teasing event for the actual festival that will take place from October 9-16. The program proposes s
The cinema in the barn. Special documentary film screening for children from Roşia commune, Sibiu County
28 aug. 2022
The cinema in the barn. Special documentary film screening for children from Roşia commune, Sibiu County Students from Roșia Secondary School, Sibiu County, gathered on Thursday evening in an ad-hoc cinema, set up in a barn in the village, to see a documentary film offered by the Astra Film Junior team. The series "Esperanto, children of water" (Cécile Ruiz and Alexis Evens - Gedeon Programmes, France) was presented for the first time in Romania at Astra Film Junior 2016. The screenin
The official selection of Astra Film Festival 2022. The world seen from over 100 cinematic perspectives
24 aug. 2022
Three out of four documentaries screened at #AFF2022 will be premieres The official selection of the new edition of the Astra Film Festival (Sibiu, October 9th -16th) confirms that this is the place where most Romanian documentary filmmakers choose to present their productions for the first time, in front of an informed audience. No less than three-quarters of the 73 documentary films in the official AFF2022 selection are premieres - a further sign of the fact that the festival in Sibiu is a tr
Start submissions at Astra Film DokTank
28 iun. 2022
Astra Film DokTank, the industry program of Astra Film Festival designed in support of filmmakers at the beginning of the road, opens submissions for this year`s edition (October 9-16, 2022). Unfinished feature-length creative documentary film projects are eligible, carried out on any topic and in any style, for which the filmmakers are looking for support in any area of the production / financing / distribution process. The projects, which can be submitted until June 15, can be at any stag
Submit your documentary film project!
27 iun. 2022
Submit your documentary film project! AFF 2022 opens the submission period for Astra Film Dok Tank 2022 Astra Film DokTank will take place on 10-16 October, 2022. This year, Astra Film DokTank will include only Romanian documentary film projects. The purpose of this program is to provide a favorable platform for directors who are currently developing stories with international relevance, who come from Romania / Republic of Moldova or who make a film about / in Romania (Republic of Moldova), in
Astra Film Festival, in the European Film Awards network of the most important documentary film festivals
10 mai 2022
Astra Film Festival, in the European Film Awards network of the most important documentary film festivals Great news for cinema in Romania. The Council of the European Film Academy has decided to include Astra Film Festival on the list of major documentary film festivals in the world, where there are non-fiction film festivals such as IDFA, Vision du Reel, Cinema du Reel, CPH Dox or A-category festivals, which have documentary film sections, such as Cannes, Berlin (Berlinale), Venice, Locarno,
Action for Ukraine. This is NONfiction
25 mar. 2022
Following the recent events unfolding so close to our own country, Astra Film launches a special program screening documentaries related to the situation in Ukraine and offers unique insights into a conflict which has been smouldering for years before the horrific outburst we are witnessing now. The first part of the program consists of online screenings for audiences across Romania. The amount collected from tickets sales go to UNICEF and to volunteer organisations in Ukraine. For full details
Scammers take on AFF through FilmFreeway
25 mar. 2022
Scammers take on AFF through FilmFreeway The Astra Film Festival in Sibiu was the target of an identity theft attack on the FilmFreeway platform, where a fake account was created in the name of the famous festival in Romania, an account through which submission fees were collected in a fraudulent way from over 100 filmmakers from all over the world. For full details, please see the article here (in Romanian).