Eva and Her City of Berlin (Look Into My World Series)
Claudia Kock, Cordula Garrido • Germany • 2022 • 25 min • No Premiere
Eva loves to play in the park in her neighbourhood and devotes her free time after school to cleaning it up.
People are no longer able to fully enjoy the green spaces in the cities they live in because of the litter and rubbish thrown out at random by those who don't respect nature. The same is happening in the park in a Berlin neighbourhood where 9-year-old Eva lives. Together with her two friends, Nortje and Emmy, Eva is starting a campaign to green and inform citizens about the waste situation in the park and other dirty areas of the neighbourhood. The girls collect rubbish from the playground and park every day after school, make signs on which they draw and write awareness-raising texts, setting an example to children like them - the importance of keeping green recreational spaces clean can be pointed out even at a young age. Recommendation: the film is also suitable for viewing by students in grades III-IV and German-language classes. Recommended for understanding environmental activism and developing a spirit of volunteering.
Original Title:Eva und ihre Stadt Berlin (Schau in meine Welt! serie)
Directors:Claudia Kock,Cordula Garrido
Photography: Cordula Garrido
Producer: Tatjana Willms
Cinematographer: Cordula Garrido
Editor: Kirstin Geller
Production Company: Der Betrieb on behalf of rbb
Sound: Ismael Aulbach, Claus Sand