Archive 2023


Every year, some of the most eagerly awaited events at Astra Film Festival are the screenings of the documentaries competing in the Romania competition. These features deal with topics related to our country, no matter where the presented events take place and no matter where these films are produced. Edition after edition, the selection succeeds in performing an up-to-date X-ray of the society, in all its complexity: from vulnerability to integration, from adoption to conversion, from the struggle for justice to nostalgia for bygone times, from the perception of religion to the possibilities of spiritual healing. You will meet strong, hard-pressed characters, who are willing to fight to the end or, on the contrary, vulnerable characters who seem unable to improve their life. Together, these characters bring to the fore issues which are of interest to both individuals and the society as a whole. These are exemplary stories born from their protagonists' choices, but mostly from the situations life puts them in. Portraits, observational or participatory documentaries, all capture realities from different backgrounds, of people with varied jobs and concerns, but all extremely human. Each of the documentaries presented is definitely worth seeing at the 30th Astra Film Festival 30!

Diana Gavra • Romania, Spain • 2023 • 125 min • Premieră mondială
Arsenie. An Amazing Afterlife
Alexandru Solomon • Romania, Luxembourg • 2023 • 96 min • No Premiere
Land You Belong
Elena Rebeca Carini • Italy, Romania • 2023 • 91 min • No Premiere
Mrs. Buica
Eugene Buică • Romania • 2023 • 83 min • Premieră mondială
My Muslim Husband
Daniel Ioan Bărnuți, Alexandra Lizeta Bărnuți • Romania • 2023 • 72 min • No Premiere
Nora (15+)
Carla-Maria Teaha • Romania • 2023 • 85 min • No Premiere
Our Daily Bread (12+)
Șerban Georgescu • Romania • 2023 • 70 min • Premieră națională
Paradise of the Naives
Copel Moscu • Romania • 2022 • 72 min • No Premiere
Iulia Rugină • Romania • 2023 • 77 min • No Premiere
The Memory of the Moment
Ovidiu Georgescu • Romania • 2023 • 60 min • Premieră mondială