ANQA (15+)
Helin Çelik • Austria, Spain • 2023 • 91 min • Premieră Europeană
A careful investigation of the mental state of three Jordanian women, victims of violence and abuse, conducted via an approach derived from nondirective psychotherapy.
Director Helin Çelik’s gaze attentively lingers on her protagonists’ gestures and facial expressions as they unfold in the claustrophobic interiors they have taken refuge in, via long takes and Impressionist-derived touches. The traumatic events are not evoked in a factual manner, but come across instead as affective sedimentations, and the bleakest thoughts uttered, contradictory at times, are destigmatized. By giving suffering and angst an audiovisual form, Çelik creates an empathetic confessional safe space that strives to allow survivors to escape from trauma.
Original Title:ANQA
Director:Helin Çelik
Producers: Helin Çelik, Rebeca Sánchez López
Cinematographer: Raquel Fernández Núñez
Editor: Sara Fattahi
Music: Nadim Husni
Production Company: Kepler Mission Films
Sound: Nicolás Tsabertidis