Armstrong The Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon
Jürgen Rienow • Germany • 2023 • 50 min • Premieră națională
A story where dreams are determined only by the size of the imagination, and the greatest inventors can be the smallest of us.
Armstrong is a curious and brave little mouse who wants to prove that the Moon is not made of cheese, as his friends believe. He takes his mission seriously, but it's not that easy to get to the Moon. Will he succeed? An adventure film from which we can all - young and old - learn a lot, and we might even end up liking maths!
Join the little mouse Armstrong on his hunt for the secret of the moon. Is the moon made of cheese or not? The inquisitive little mouse Armstrong is fascinated by space, especially the moon. On a clear night, he observes it with his little telescope and is eager to learn more about it. The other mice claim it's made of cheese - but Armstrong doesn't believe it. How can he prove that the moon - like the earth - is made of rock? Finally, he sets about building a rocket in his attic to become the first mouse to fly to the moon. Will he make it? And what adventures await the brave little mouse?
Original Title:Armstrong Die abenteuerliche Reise einer Maus zum Mond
Director:Jürgen Rienow
Producer: Tim Florian Horn
Production Company: Stiftung Planetarium Berlin