Enzo and Mateo
Valentin-Rareș Fogoroș • Romania • 2023 • 21 min • Premieră mondială
Grief-stricken by the loss of one of his twin sons, a Romanian father builds a replica Ferrari car in his backyard as a tribute to little Enzo.
The film offers a unique perspective on a young Romanian family who worked in Spain but returned to the country where the father, a car enthusiast, tries to overcome the trauma caused by the death of his son, Enzo, soon after his birth. Working every day on a replica Ferrari, the man believes the car somehow represents the spirit of his dead child. The country household is in stark contrast to the luxury brand he relates to and his wife doesn't understand his obsession, but supports him in his quest. Although the situation seems comical, the family is experiencing a real drama that can be felt from beyond the screen.
Original Title:Enzo & Mateo
Director:Valentin-Rareș Fogoroș
Producers: Natalia Gurau, Valentin-Rareş Fogoroş
Cinematographer: Valentin-Rareș Fogoroș, Voicu Mureșan
Editor: Ilinca Miroşanu
Music: David A. Marin
Production Company: UNATC
Sound: David A. Marin