Hazelnuts – in Search of the Perfect Planet
Stéphane Bertrand, Damien Maugin • France • 2022 • 25 min • Premieră națională
An animation waiting for young and elders to discover or rediscover astronomy and the solar system alongside with two curious squirrels.
Nino and Lilli are two squirrels ready to do anything to eat hazelnuts, and ready to do even more for super hazelnuts. And apparently there are indeed super hazelnuts up there on other planets. Why should they carry on dreaming when they can go and get them? Hazelnuts is a story of greediness: two squirrels ready to do anything to eat super hazelnuts. It is also a story of planets, those who are way up in space. If at first the connection between the two is not obvious, for Lilli it certainly is. Travel with them to discover the cosmos, on a quest for the best hazelnuts in the universe.
Original Title:Hazelnuts – in search of the perfect planet
Directors:Stéphane Bertrand,Damien Maugin
Music: Romain Noiret
Production Company: 3D Emotion, Mediastro Promotion