Mother of All Lies
Asmae El Moudir • Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar • 2023 • 97 min • Premieră Europeană
An autobiographical documentary in which the director expressively and tragicomically investigates the relationship between family past, recent history and representation.
The portrait of the director’s grandmother, a rigid matriarch who is opposed to having photographs or paintings up on the walls, is interwoven with the perspectives of the rest of her family. The director's attention is particularly focused on the events of the popular uprising of 1981, the so-called Bread Riots caused by the precarious economic situation in Morocco and then violently suppressed by the local authorities and officially covered up. Using as starting point the few private and public photographic records of the era - which either misrepresent the family history or do not properly record the history of the riots, the film attempts to fill in the gaps.
Original Title:Kadib Abyad
Director:Asmae El Moudir
Producers: Asmae El Moudir, Marc Lotfy
Cinematographer: Hatem Nechi
Editor: Asmae El Moudir
Music: Nass El Ghiwane
Production Company: Insightfilms
Sound: Michael Fawzy