My Muslim Husband
Daniel Ioan Bărnuți, Alexandra Lizeta Bărnuți • Romania • 2023 • 72 min • No Premiere
Daniel and Alexandra are together. He has converted to Islam, she becomes his wife, and now they are beginning to discover what the new lifestyle entails.
The film shows a young family in a complicated situation. Always between a rock and a hard place, the two come to discover the different expectations they have of each other in order to make their relationship last. The situation is complicated by the pressures coming from around them, which also bring to light some of the long-lasting issues in our society related to racism and minorities. The documentary shows what the two protagonists have to go through, individually and together, to adapt to their new life.
Original Title:Soţul meu musulman
Directors:Daniel Ioan Bărnuți,Alexandra Lizeta Bărnuți
Producers: Daniel Ioan Bărnuţi, Hanka Kastelicova, Carmen Rizac
Cinematographer: Daniel Ioan Bărnuţi, Alexandra Lizeta Bărnuţi
Editor: Alexandru Popescu
Production Company: Two Doc, HBO Europe, Avanpost
Sound: Sebastian Zsemlye