My Uncle Luben
Nikola Boshnakov • Bulgaria, Germany • 2022 • 78 min • Premieră internațională
Ray, a singer from Dresden, inherits his uncle Luben's apartment in Bulgaria and takes the opportunity to make a unique journey into his family's past.
Ray van Zeschau, the lead singer of a Dresden rock band, travels to Sofia to sell the apartment he inherited from his deceased Bulgarian uncle, visual artist Luben Stoev. The painter's house is filled with installations, artwork and cases of video footage, and the nephew begins to piece together moments from his uncle's life, inviting us on a sophisticated visual journey through family memories, paintings from the fringes of Bulgarian society and subtle associations with Brecht's work.
Original Title:Моят чичо Любен
Director:Nikola Boshnakov
Producers: Kiril Kirilov, Galina Toneva, Ray van Zeschau
Cinematographer: Antony Stoev
Production Company: Gala Film, Four Elements