One Sky
Sébastien Gauthier, Mourad BNCR, Antonin Gaud, Francois Guinaudeau, Isabelle Pruneau-Brunet, Sébastien Samyn • France • 2022 • 43 min • Premieră națională
One Sky is a collection of beautiful short films about constellations, astronomical instruments and scientific knowledge from various cultures around the world.
Each chapter is presented in an original and engaging way with its own artistic style featuring the work of international artists. Each story stands alone as a short story or, in combination, as a narration about cultural astronomy.
Sections: Full Dome 2023
Original Title:One Sky
Directors:Sébastien Gauthier,Mourad BNCR,Antonin Gaud,Francois Guinaudeau,Isabelle Pruneau-Brunet,Sébastien Samyn
Producer: Sébastien Gauthier
Music: Delbert Anderson, Carmelito Arkangel, Frank Ka'Iu Damas, Martin Roy Uberko
Production Company: Sébastien Gauthier 360 Productions, One sky Project