Orlando, My Political Biography (15+)
Paul B. Preciado • France • 2023 • 98 min • Premieră națională
A docu-fictional essay that proposes a polyphonic rewriting of the transsexual and non-binary history and experience, using as a starting point Virginia Woolf’s character Orlando.
Paul B. Preciado’ manifesto both celebrates heterogeneity and transformation and points the finger at binary socio-cultural frameworks and conservative gender politics. In the form of a collective biography energized by a Postmodernist sensibility, the film blurs the boundaries between anonymous private histories, Woolf’s novel and various cultural eras with intellectual agility and stylistic mastery. The idea of performance and performativity is skillfully interrogated first in relation to gender roles and then in relation to conventions of audio-visual representation such as organizing a casting, the tableau vivant tradition and the interview format.
Original Title:Orlando, ma biographie politique
Director:Paul B. Preciado
Producers: Yaël Fogiel, Laetitia Gonzalez, Annie Ohayon-Dekel, Farid Rezkallah
Cinematographer: Victor Zero
Editor: Yotam Ben David
Production Company: Les films du poisson, 24images, ARTE
Sound: Arno Ledoux, Olivier Goinard