Our Daily Bread (12+)
Șerban Georgescu • Romania • 2023 • 70 min • Premieră națională
Irina and Corina are two entrepreneurs struggling to keep alive the social business they have developed for vulnerable women.
MamaPan is an artisanal bakery where the employees are social cases for whom finding a job would be difficult because, for example, they can't read or write. We see the harsh reality of these women, who may seem unstable or incapable to adapt, following all the issues they had to face in their past. The film presents their perspective as they face various economic and entrepreneurial situations and points the finger once again at a social system that has difficulties in truly integrating vulnerable persons in Romania.
Original Title:Pâinea noastră cea de toate zilele
Director:Șerban Georgescu
Producers: Șerban Georgescu, Oana Muntean
Cinematographer: Bogdan Slăvescu
Editor: Șerban Georgescu
Production Company: Kolectiv Film, Victoria Film
Sound: Alex Alexandru