Paradise of the Naives

Copel Moscu • Romania • 2022 • 72 min
"There is a light somewhere, very small, but as small as it is, it overcomes the deepest darkness." A film about how art can change our perspective on life.
A documentary which proves, from several complementary perspectives, that art is healing and can save lives. We witness what experts - a priest, a psychotherapist, a trainer - think about this topic, but also the life stories of those who overturned painful, definitive verdicts and diagnostics through art. These are strong people who chose to rise above illness or lack of freedom and are now artists exhibiting their work. The film inspires with its message, with the strength of those who were in a dire situation and chose to give themselves - successfully! - a new chance.
Original Title:Paradisul Naivilor
Director:Copel Moscu
Producer: Gabriel Antal
Cinematographer: Tudor Platon, Florian Paraschiv, Radu Crăciun
Editor: House of Zazen
Production Company: Abis Studio
Sound: House of Zazen
19:00 - 20:12
Astra Film Cinema
Copel Moscu (15 min)