The Love Room
Suzana Dinevski • Macedonia • 2022 • 90 min • Premieră națională
Following the stories of two families, the documentary explores the intimate world of conjugal visits in North Macedonia's most notorious prison.
A touching documentary told with impressive empathy, The Love Room shows us the lives of North Macedonian women whose husbands are in prison. Here is how the women manage to maintain the illusion of a normal life and how their children are affected by this situation. A story about love, family and loneliness, about the fragility of those rare moments of intimacy which are now possible only in the unfamiliar, unwelcoming space of a conjugal visit room.
Original Title:Ljubovnata soba
Director:Suzana Dinevski
Producer: Suzana Dinevski
Cinematographer: Fejmi Daut
Editor: Goran Vucic
Music: Duke Bojadziev
Production Company: Suzi Kju Production, Award Film & Video
Sound: Igor Popovski