The Memory of the Moment
Ovidiu Georgescu • Romania • 2023 • 60 min • Premieră mondială
We discover the world of Viorica Cătuna, from Poiana Cătunarilor, in Transylvania, somewhere at 1200 meters altitude.
A former teacher, she has always been passionate about knowledge, books, poetry and music. We learn her story, the history of her family and her community, all in relation to various historical events that have taken place over time. A portrait of this woman and those times, from when she started learning her family's stories to the future plans she has as she turns 80. Here is a charismatic and layered character, a true encyclopaedia of a dying world.
Original Title:Memoria clipei
Director:Ovidiu Georgescu
Producer: Ovidiu Georgescu
Cinematographer: Ovidiu Gyarmath
Editor: Iuliana Luca
Music: Petru Mărgineanu, Viorica Cătuna
Production Company: Asociaţia culturală Promissum, Promissum Production
Sound: Ioan Marian Iacoban, Andrei Georgescu, Alexandru Ciochia