Thy Will Be Done
Octavian Șaramet • Romania • 2023 • 24 min • Premieră mondială
Constantin is a devoted priest who tries to fulfil his holy mission, although he has problems with Petrea, the church cantor who succumbs all too often to life's temptations.
The film presents in an honest way and with a fine irony some aspects of the life of a country priest, the director’s father, and of his cantor who happens to get drunk and misses services, but the priest has no one to replace him with. Beyond the various aspects of the spiritual ritual, here are two genuine, larger-than-life protagonists, with all their sins and virtues.
Original Title:Facă-se Voia Ta
Director:Octavian Șaramet
Producer: Mara Crăcăleanu
Cinematographer: Octavian Șaramet
Editor: Octavian Șaramet
Production Company: Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai
Sound: Alexandru Popa