Rules and Regulations

ASTRA FILM DOC TANK is a four-day training programme that takes places during Astra Film Festival and consists in a preparatory mentoring workshop, a public pitch and individual meetings with international professionals, for up to 10 documentary projects in various stages of development or production.
ASTRA FILM DOC TANK takes place during 16-19 October 2023 in Sibiu, Romania.
Deadline for submissions: September 3rd 2023
Notification of selection results: September 15th 2023

WHO is it for

ASTRA FILM DOC TANK is specifically orientated towards nurturing documentary projects hailing from the following countries: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.
ASTRA FILM DOC TANK is tailored for director/ producer teams who are searching to elevate the international visibility of their projects, expand their professional network, explore new co-production opportunities or secure funding for their projects.
Directors with a project who still do not have a producer attached and are looking for one, are also eligible to apply. 
The projects can be in any stage of development or production, should not have been completed, and should be in need of support in any area of the production.

WHAT are we looking for

Feature-length creative documentaries, irrespective of genres, styles, and subject matter.
The selection will be based on a number of criteria, including but not limited to artistic quality of the project, international potential and the capacity of the director/ producer to complete the project.

HOW to submit

The application process takes place online and all materials should be presented in English.
In order to submit a project, please fill in all the required info in the online form which can be accessed here.
Required info and materials for submission:
• Project title (original and English version)
• Production company
• Country
• Project stage
• Budget in euro
• Financing plan and confirmed financing
• Estimated length
• Estimated start of production
• Estimated date of release
• Logline (max 300 ch with spaces/ 1-2 phrases)
• Synopsis (max 2000 ch with spaces)
• Director’s statement (max 2000 ch with spaces)
• Producer’s statement (max 2000 ch with spaces)
• Director’s biography and filmography
• Producer’s biography and filmography
• Visual material – we recommend a 3-5 min teaser, scene assembly or research material, preferably accessible through a Vimeo link
• Project history – please explain in a few words what stage the projects finds itself at, previous workshops (if any), anything that is special and worth mentioning about your project and has not been emphasized in the creative materials
• What are you looking for at Astra Film Doc Tank – for example: co-producer, tutoring on the present creative package, consulting on financing opportunities, sales, commission editors, etc; anything that could enable us in finding the best solutions for helping your project grow during this 4-day workshop.
• Contact details director and producer

WHAT happens after the selection process?

After the selection process, the director & producer teams of up to 10 documentary projects will be invited to Romania, in the Transylvanian city of Sibiu during Astra Film Festival, for the preparatory workshop, the public pitch and the individual meetings organized with professionals from the industry. 
Astra Film Doc Tank will cover the cost of the director’s and/or producer’s accommodation, meals and a full festival accreditation for the duration of the programme.
Transportation costs must be covered by the participants.
Once a project is selected, the presence of both the director and producer is mandatory for the entire unfolding of the workshop. Only the teams that took part in the preparatory workshop can attend the pitch.
All participating projects will be showcased in the Astra Film Doc Tank catalogue.
All participating projects must mention in their ending credits: “presented at Astra Film Doc Tank” together with the official logo. The logo will be sent upon request.

HOW does it work 

During the workshop, the mentors will give advice and feedback to both the creative and production aspects of all the projects. This can include, but is not limited to the following topics: how to structure a presentation/ pitch of the project, developing synopses and trailers, budgets analysis, exploring funding opportunities. 
The preparatory workshop will be concluding with a public pitch, followed by one-to-one meetings with invited professionals. Each project team will be allotted 10 minutes to present their project structured as follows: 7 minutes for the Pitch (including video or any other visual materials) and 3 minutes to answer any questions from the industry experts present. Subsequently, individual meetings will be organized with invited guests, spanning from producers and sales agents to festival representatives, broadcasters, and distributors.
In addition to the workshop mentorship, the program will feature discussions and masterclasses form keynote speakers covering diverse subjects and providing guidance to the participants.

Terms and conditions

Participants must be able to demonstrate access to key characters or institutions, and that they are authorised to grant rights of usage and/or to transfer it to third parties.
The official language of Astra Film Doc Tank is English and all participants must be able to work comfortably in English.
Astra Film Doc Tank maintains a no-fee policy.

Authorisation and approval

By submitting a project to Astra Film Doc Tank, i.e completing the submission form, the applicant affirms and assures that they have the right to submit the project to Astra Film Doc Tank. Furthermore, the applicant confirms that they have obtained all necessary authorizations and consents from the copyright owners, holders of related rights, trademarked content, and any other intellectual property subject matter included in the submitted project.
Astra Film Doc Tank, their representatives, authorized individuals, and/or employees shall not be held liable for any unauthorized inclusion of content in the project that may result in claims from third parties.
The applicant shall ensure the protection and provide full compensation to Astra Film DocTank, their representatives, authorized individuals, and/or employees against all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, and expenses arising from or related to third-party claims in connection with the submitted project.
Astra Film Doc Tank is authorized, either before the commencement or during the workshop to disqualify and exclude from the program any project that could potentially lead to claims from third parties.


Project manager - Irina Malcea-Candea -