Best Documentary New Voices of Documentary

Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento • Belgium, France • 2023 • 93 min

The jury were unanimous in selecting Adieu Sauvage as the best film in the ‘New Voices’ category.

This was a cinematic, touching film with many layers; the filmmaker’s personal journey of enquiry into his own identity opens up into a story about the legacies of colonialism. This movement between the personal and the historical is handled with intimacy and charm and humour. At the heart of the film is a developing friendship between the filmmaker and his ‘guide’; this trusting, mutual friendship is a testimony to the filmmaker’s uncomplicated, mission – a mission to learn about ‘others’ in order to better understand himself.

The film is a journey, a journey undertaken with humility and clarity – beautifully filmed and beautifully told – and like all good journeys it involves transformation, and the jury appreciated the chance to have shared the filmmaker’s discoveries about a disappearing culture that is at the heart of his own DNA.